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Getting Life Insurance with Diabetes

Getting Life Insurance with Diabetes

Your doctor says you have Type 2 diabetes - and you don’t even have life insurance! You’re worried about what the future may bring. Can you get life insurance if you have diabetes? 

Don’t get this wrong: diabetes isn’t necessarily a death penalty, but as with any chronic illness, it does bring home a sense of our own mortality. Your thoughts turn to the future, and although you plan to take care of your health in line with doctors’ orders, you’d still like to know that your family will be taken care of when you’re no longer there for them. You always knew you weren’t immortal, but now you’re faced with the question of how to get life insurance with diabetes. Here’s what you need to know. 

Some Insurers Won’t Touch You

It’s good to be aware of this in advance. Some insurance providers will not cover people who have Type 2 diabetes, and it’s perfectly legal for them to make that call. It’s not necessarily that you’re a bad risk. They just couldn’t be bothered with assessing your individual risk profile and they simply assume that you’ll have a shorter life, even though that’s not necessarily so. 

Fail to disclose your diabetes if you were aware of it, and your policy is null and void. What should you do? Don’t let them get you down! Simply take your business elsewhere. 

Some Insurers Will Help You - But Your Premiums Will be High

It’s another knee-jerk rejection from underwriters running on autopilot. They’re quite willing to insure you, but you’ll pay a lot more for the privilege. Getting life insurance with diabetes, they reason, should be possible, but only at a price. After all, with diabetes, you face an increased chance of suffering from a variety of other conditions

Once again, the assumption is that your health will be poor, your diabetes badly managed, and your demise untimely. Don’t give in to this negative mindset. Our article on Type 2 diabetes and life expectancy will show you just how unwarranted it may be. 

You Might Have to Go Through a Lengthy Process and Still Get a Generic Offer

You fill in the application form, and the insurance company gets back to you. It feels like progress. But they aren’t agreeing to offer you cover yet. Instead, they want you to submit doctors’ reports and they want to know about your checkups. 

You can spend months jumping through hoops before you finally get a completely generic offer - despite all the personal information you provided.  The whole experience leaves you feeling disgruntled. Does customer service go out the window just because you’re diabetic?

Bluezone Sets the Standard: Don’t Accept Anything Less

When it comes to diabetes and life insurance, Bluezone offers something completely unique. Instead of just automatically setting high premiums for people getting life insurance with Type 2 diabetes, we personalise it.  

You send us a few simple health metrics that you should have at your fingertips without any need for doctors’ reports, and we get back to you with a proposal on the same day. No running from pillar to post. No hassle. No fuss. No seemingly interminable waiting.  Best of all, no inflated premiums! And instead of just leaving you to cope, we get in your corner with healthcare advice and support, plus incentives for your healthy lifestyle choices. 

Getting Life Insurance With Type 2 Diabetes: It Needn’t be Difficult at All

Does diabetes affect life insurance? Well, if one doesn’t look at policyholders as individuals, it certainly does. After all, diabetes is linked to heart attacks, strokes, and even kidney failure. That’s why life insurance health questionnaires require you to disclose diabetes among a range of other health conditions. It’s also why some insurers won’t take the “risk” of insuring you even when you’re comparatively low risk because your diabetes isn’t severe and you’re ready to manage your condition to the best of your ability.

The problem comes in when you get lumped into a large group of people without looking at you as an individual. As soon as we start unpacking what it means to have diabetes, and how your personal circumstances and choices affect your chances of continuing in good health, the picture changes. You aren’t a statistic.  You aren’t a worst-case scenario. You’re unique and your insurance should reflect that. 

Getting affordable life cover when you’re living with Type 2 diabetes should be entirely possible, and Bluezone makes that possibility a reality while making it easy too. More than that, we respect your individuality and we stand by you in your efforts to develop the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Get life insurance for Type 2 diabetes without the generalisations, without the overpricing and without the rigmarole. And yes, you really can do it today. No delays. Simply reach out to find out more. 

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