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Life insurance policy

For those living with heart disease

We offer a personalised quote based on your individual health metrics, and will reward healthy choices with rewards and lower premiums
For those living with heart disease
Bluezone policy
  • Life insurance policy
  • Specialist life insurer focused on providing life cover to those with chronic conditions
  • Personalised accurate cover, completely tailored to you and your health metrics
  • Instant Quote and same day cover, completely online
  • Support app that will help you to make healthy lifestyle changes personalised to you
  • Receive exclusive rewards based on your commitment to improving your condition through healthy lifestyle choices
Standard policy
  • Life insurance policy
  • General life insurer focused mainly on those without chronic conditions
  • Placed in large groups with large ranges in health metrics, leading to unfair and imprecise premiums
  • Commonly will need to speak to a broker and wait for 24hrs to several months for a final quote
  • Little understanding of your condition and lack of support
  • No rewards available

A life insurance policy can help provide peace of mind for the future if you have dependants, such as a partner or family. The right life insurance policy can provide financial support to your dependants after your death, helping to cover the loss of your income.

Buying life insurance can be difficult if you have a heart or circulatory condition. With Bluezone Insurance, you will receive a same-day quote personalised to your individual health metrics and condition.

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